15 Best YouTube Alternatives For Unlimited Entertainment

Are you looking for YouTube Alternatives?

For the perfect educational content or binge-watching snaps from your favorite series?

Then, YouTube happens to be your one-stop solution.

However, I am your myth buster. Despite the neat efficiency of YouTube, it certainly no longer holds the record for the best in the domain.

You will not want a lipstick ad to show up between your physics lessons. 

And it is hard coming to terms with the reduced video quality.

Top 15 YoutTube Alternatives

While you fish out more problems you face with YouTube, we are glad to bring solutions for each one of them.

Dig more into the world of video-sharing platforms.

Why do we need YouTube alternatives?

There are many reasons why one needs an alternative to YouTube.

One of the reasons may include that the content they want may not be available on YouTube.

YouTube has many videos corresponding to many categories. However, there are chances that someone may not find the exact content he or she requires.

Another reason why there must be an alternative to YouTube is to earn money.

To combat the wide-user base, we have innumerable solutions. Now, talking about advertisements.

YouTube has many advertisements before the video. Advertisements distract you between the videos too.

Now, a single platform cannot solve all these problems or disadvantages.

There are countless other video-sharing platforms. They pledge to solve the issues of YouTube users.

So, Let’s now look at some of the best alternatives to YouTube:

1. Vimeo

vimeo YouTube alternative

High-quality videos are the best feature offered by Vimeo. One can compare by uploading a video on both YouTube and Vimeo. Vimeo’s video quality will be better than YouTube. It was the first of the video-sharing platforms that enabled the user to upload HD videos.

Most of the video-sharing platforms have an advertisement coming through before watching a video. Such is not the case with Vimeo. No advertisements are coming before a video. So, the audience will be less distracted. They can focus on the content shown in the video. The latest development is that people can now upload 360-degree videos on Vimeo.

Video uploaded on Vimeo can also be password protected. If the video is password protected, only the ones who know the password can watch the video. One can also customize a video so that only selected people can see it.

To know more about the customers, a paid business account is also available in Vimeo. The paid business provides analytics tools. It allows customizing the display of the channel. Moreover, Vimeo also accommodates videos up to 5 Terabytes. 

Vimeo also contains some TV series in it.

There are people who want to share their creative work with short videos or short films. Vimeo is an apt choice for them as a YouTube alternative.

2. Dailymotion

daily motion alternative to YouTube

Dailymotion and YouTube were both launched in the same year. Still, YouTube is the closest competitor to Dailymotion. Dailymotion is the second-largest video sharing platform in the world.

It supports high frame rates and 360-degree videos too. The video quality here can be as high as 2160p. It provides a better user experience than most of the video-sharing platforms.

One of the advantages of Dailymotion is that a person can upload a video on different platforms simultaneously. This is something not offered by many video-sharing platforms around the world.

Even live streaming is also available in Dailymotion. One can perform Unlimited live streaming with unlimited viewers. In some of the video-sharing platforms, a user may cross all strikes. The authorities can delete the channel in that case. Dailymotion has less tolerance so far. But it still has terms and conditions related to copyrights.

3. Metacafe

metacafe youtube alternatives

On average, Metacafe has about 2 million visitors. If you are looking for YouTube alternatives for a video with high-quality content, Metacafe is surely the best option.

It also categorizes the videos into different categories. Metacafe does not have any duplicate videos on the website, unlike many other video-sharing platforms.

It is also a video monetization alternative. If the video gets at least 20,000 views, then the uploader can start earning from Metacafe.

Metacafe is for people who enjoy watching short videos.



Instagram TV, or as most commonly known as IGTV also has more than a billion users.

For people, who want to get a good reach for their video, IGTV is one of the best alternatives to youtube for creators.

IGTV videos are vertical videos that are suitable only to watch on a smartphone.

Smartphones are on a rise, and most people prefer watching videos on mobile rather than on a desktop/laptop.

IGTV surely is one of the most popular platforms to watch videos. The videos are also recommended based on your interests.

So, finding many video content is possible on IGTV. If you like a user’s IGTV videos, you can also follow them. So, whenever they upload their videos it is visible in your feed.

5. Veoh

veoh for alternative of youtube

I have seen that few people know about Veoh. So, let me clear one thing why Veoh is preferable. Veoh allows a person to add as long a video as he/she can. There is no limit for a video on Veoh. All the other video-sharing platforms have a limit in the video length.

For all the people who love to watch movies and TV shows, Veoh is for them. Yes, due to no limit in video length, many movies and TV shows are available.

One can also connect with other users on Veoh. Users can even change their view experience in Veoh.

6. Flickr

Flickr is perhaps the best in the town for its exclusive photo and video sharing technology. Trying to upload videos from a phone or home computer?

Flickr is all here to ensure a good picture and video quality. Your video will feature in feeds, Flickr Ads, and blogs.

Though widely known as a website for images, even videos are available on Flickr. The maximum video length in Flickr is 90 seconds. So, whoever likes to watch short videos, Flickr will be very useful for them.

Flickr allows users to download royalty-free videos and images that are too free. In such cases, Flickr is very useful for people who want to download the videos which they have watched. But, not everything is available for free here.

7. Facebook

Facebook is a social networking platform. Yet, it has a large number of videos of different categories. Here, not only can we upload a video, but we can also share others’ videos too.

Most of the video-sharing platforms downscale video quality while uploading. This is not the case with Facebook. Facebook maintains the quality of the video.

Facebook has more than 2.5 Billion active users. So, there are high chances of getting a wider reach here. Even for people who are looking for short videos, Facebook is the best option for them. Nowadays, the number of videos uploaded on Facebook is more than the number of texts or images uploaded.

If you want to see a specific video on Facebook, go to the search option of Facebook, and type the relevant information you need. Once done, click on the video tab to watch all the videos.

8. DTube

For someone worried about privacy, DTube is the best option. DTube is very well encrypted. Hence there are very few chances that the user’s data may get leaked.

One of the best things for viewers is that DTube does not serve any advertisements. Many other platforms cannot work without streaming an advertisement. DTube is not one of those. DTube is also very user-friendly.

Most of the video-sharing platforms suggest similar videos, especially when we are watching a video. This is a problem for the uploader. His/Her viewers may get attached to some other video uploader causing them a loss of viewers. DTube eliminates this problem as it does not suggest any video. One can also earn crypto-currency by uploading videos on DTube.

9. The Open Video Project

The Open Video Project has a very less number of videos available. The videos uploaded here are mostly related to education, history, or documentaries. Platforms that show many videos for a single reach may not provide verified information all the time. Such is not the case with The Open Video Project.

Here, most of the videos are by US government agencies. So, there are high chances of getting verified information through the videos. Anyone looking for a platform that has many educational or documentary videos, go for The Open Video Project.

10. 9Gag TV

9Gag TV is full of entertainment. Plenty of humorous videos are available on 9Gag TV.

9Gag already has millions of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

So, people on social networking sites may already be familiar with 9Gag.

9Gag keeps the users entertained by uploading humorous memes, gifs, and videos.

11. Twitch

Love gaming? Then Twitch is the best platform for you.

It is a subsidiary of Amazon.

Twitch is mainly known for live streaming.

So, as we were talking about gaming, most of the videos available on Twitch associate with gaming.

Like game review, game-talks, or live streaming a game.

You can log in and watch the videos for free. In case, you want to be in the private chat room of a gamer, you need to follow him or her.

This is as simple as subscribing to Youtube.

It provides a brilliant streaming quality on android phones.

Twitch supports video quality of about 1080p/60fps.

The video must be in MP4, MOV, AVI, and FLV file formats. For the past few years, Twitch broadcasted many music videos, as well as live concerts.

12. TED Talks

Many of us may be knowing about TED Talks. Every video of TED Talks has its inspiration. The videos can help one in various ways.

For anyone looking for motivational or inspirational videos, TED talks are the best.

It has a wide number of videos in which speakers talk about how everyone in the world achieves success.

If you love motivational talks, TED Talks is highly recommended! Nothing related to the entertainment is available here.

However, the talk videos cover more about history, technology, business, health, and other such fields.

TEDx generally requires a media uploader with which you can upload videos.

You must be a certified TEDx licensee to get access to the Media Uploader.

You have to enlist your venue, duration, and event date on your event channel to upload your video.

13. Crackle

Crackle is an online streaming platform. It is the daughter body of a joint venture between Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Television.

The best part about Crackle is you get uncut and unedited movies.  Here, many original (Made by Crackle) shows and movies are accessible.

Besides their original content, you can watch other movies and TV shows too.

Here you can also watch several old TV shows as well as movies that are not found on any other video-sharing platform.

14. PeerTube


ActivityPub and WebTorrent come together to bring the first decentralized video platform for you. Now, this is an open-source video- sharing platform.

Here anyone can host videos as well as watch videos. On top of that, it specifically reduces the load on the server by using peer-to-peer technology.

PeerTube has many advantages: One of them is no ads. Videos do not contain any advertisements on PeerTube.

With PeerTube, an uploader can choose the hoster of his/her videos. PeerTube also provides extended copyrights for free.

Moreover, with few restrictions, one can upload any kind of video here. So, there are no chances that the uploaded videos will get removed from the platform.

15. Internet Archives

As the name suggests, Internet archives have lots of archives available. Many old documentaries, movies, or TV shows are available in Internet Archives. For someone who is looking for old movies, or TV shows, the Internet Archive is the best option.

One can even filter the search option, and look for the exact video he/she wants. The filter options include year, topic, language. Important educational videos that are not available on any other platform are here.

So, these were some of the most widely used alternatives for YouTube. Depending on your requirements, you can easily choose which platform to use. As we can see from the above list, there are many platforms available where we can watch videos for free. Platforms, where one can upload their videos, is very less.

If you want to earn money from these, it is advisable to go through the terms and conditions of that respective platform and then proceed further. Ignorance of the terms and conditions can lead to the video getting permanently banned from the platform.

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