Why Is SEMrush One Of The Best SEO Tools?

In this article, I will discuss why is SEMrush one of the best SEO tools. Within the competitive environment, the perfect keyword is a necessity. This will make a difference in the success and failure of a blog or website.

Therefore this implies that it is necessary to invest in an adequate tool. Search Engine Optimisation denotes practice associated with improving quality. It also manages the quantity of website traffic by making use of organic search engine outcomes.

It helps the website to customize their title tags, header tags, and URLs through which it gives a well-optimized structure to the site.

One can use different SEO tools, but SEMrush is the one that provides enhanced features. SEMrush implies an all-in-one tool suite, which is liable for the improvisation of online visibilities along with the determination of marketing insights.

It denotes software that assists them in the execution of digital marketing methods such as SEO optimization.

SEMrush assist to conduct day-to-day activities and in-depth analysis. These are present within digital marketing strategies to enhance overall performance.

The section presents a comparison of SEMrush with Ahref, which is also regarded as a good SEO tool. But to improvise the ranking of the website we must choose one of the best SEO tools.

About SEMrush

semrush one of the best seo tools

For professional bloggers and marketers, SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools. It assists within carrying out analysis of keywords by making use of the keyword magic tools.

This enables us to have all the details related to the most searched, phrase match, competitors, number of results attained, and many more.

It will also optimize the blog with SEO Checker. This will help in obtaining a better search ranking of the website. Alongside this, new opportunities are also built by making use of link building tool.

Why You Should Use SEMRush The Best SEO Tools?

1. Valuable Keyword research

semrush keyword research tool

One should use keywords with utmost care. They act as crucial aspect within the marketing plans. They help people to find an organization or an individual.

SEMrush provides SEO intelligence. This will assist within the creation of content strategy and keyword optimization. It helps in the identification of unique keyword variations related to specific words. SEMrush assists in having an enhanced understanding of the ways in which people search online.

Thus, it helps within the identification of the user’s behavior. An individual can see the competition, and a number of pages Google has for a search query. They can even average for AdWords and ranking of sites for a specific query.

2. Comparative Competitive Intelligence

semrush traffic analyser 1

When individuals enter web addresses on SEMRush then they can have a view of the screen. Information related to how traffic increases, whether it is organic or paid. One can see whether traffic is getting improved or poorer and ranking on Google.

It sends SEO reports monthly in a PDF format containing details related to traffic growth and speed of progress for the last 12 months.

It is necessary that individuals track their dashboard every week to have a detailed analysis of their performance.

3. Analyze and Strategize

There are near about ten million blogs. Most of them will be different from each other. Thus, it is crucial to have a look at the competition and identify how they are performing.

SEMrush provides an in-depth look at competitors and keywords used by them for having traffic. You can use these details to market your content.

SEMrush will help to create a content marketing strategy. The strategy depends on the acknowledgment of competition. Also, targeting traffic attained for the best keywords is a key factor.

4. Identifying New Keyword Opportunities

semrush content marketing

SEMrush helps within brainstorming. This will assist in having a new idea with the keyword.

For example, in SEMrush by clicking on keyword “content marketing” all the probable outcomes will be visible. Content marketing case study and many more options are available.

Each time you click a keyword, you will find a new keyword displayed on the screen. This will help with the identification of better keywords.

5. Tracking past & current rankings

semrush best website to track keyword ranking in google.

The regression or progression of the ranking of websites is available over Google. After a certain time frame for identification of what went well and whatnot.

Like if a person has written a blog on some topic 12 months before. Thereafter, it received a huge number of views. Then bloggers can make use of the same topic or use the same keywords and the same style of writing.

6. Analysis of Competitor’s Competition

semrush competitor competition analyser

Through the usage of SEMrush, one can also analyze competitors’ competition. Generally, it provides all the details related to websites that make use of similar kinds of keywords.

More so, it will furnish the exact estimation of traffic received by top sites for the usage of these words. This will provide relevant understanding related to traffic levels.

7. Perform Backlink Analysis

SEMrush Backlink Analyser

The objective behind the content marketing strategy is to have inbound links for content. They act as currency for the internet and content marketer.

It is essential to formulate building strategies within the place. By making use of SEMRush, one can identify how many backlinks competitors have.

Through the utilization of this information, effective strategies come into use. For displaying backlinks, SEMrush uses pie charts. It then divides them within two. They are dofollow and nofollow that will provide information for high quality links the website has.

Comparison between SEMrush and Ahrefs

Both of these are SEO tools but have different features and functionalities.

Unique features: SEMrush and Ahrefs comprises of unlike features that assist them to stand apart SEO tools

Content Analyzer: One can analyze the value of content easily. This will furnish with crucial content associated metrics.Comprehensive reports will enable us to make a comparison between different URLs.
Domain Comparison tool: This tool is widely in use for making a comparison between distinct domains simultaneously. This will assist in understanding competitors in a better manner.One can make a comparison with reference to five associated domains by making use of this feature.
Backlink Audit tool: You can check the backlink types (image, form, text, or frame) by this tool.Ahrefs API: One can externally access the database of Ahrefs by making use of API.

Implication: The comparison is on the basis of features. From above it is clear that both these SEO tools provide, unlike features.

On the basis of Technical Site Audit Feature

Both Ahref and SEMrush comprises of site auditing features. Includes identification of performance of a website from a technical and on-page SEO perspective.

After conducting site audits, both the tools are liable for searching for the problems. This can create a negative impact on search ranking.

Here, problems or issues include duplicate content, crawl errors, missing headers, overuse of content, and slow loading of content.

Implication: Compared to Ahref, the audit tool provided by SEMrush is easy to use. They also furnish a simple automatic to-do list. But in the case of Ahref, one must create a to-do list manually.

On the basis of Competitor Research

It is relevant for content strategies as well as link acquisition. For this, it is necessary that there is precise and good knowledge related to competitors with respect to SEO.

This comprises of the dedicated section known as Competitive Research in the SEMrush platform.In this case, competitor tools are not grouped within single section and it is present on left side of domain view.
Competitive Research comprises of five tools:
They are backlink traffic, keyword gap, organic search, domain overview, and traffic analytics. By making use of these tools one can carry out an analysis for having a competitive edge by making comparisons. This illustrates an attainable in-depth view.
Competitor analysis tools of Ahrefs comprises of domain comparison, link intersect, competing pages, content gap.

Implication: SEMrush provides tools for giving people with competitive analysis by providing them with deep insight within competitors.

On the basis of the analysis of backlinks

The site has various backlinks that act as a key indicator for the identification of their performance. By entering domain name on both SEO tools i.e. Ahrefs and SEMrush you can identify the list of backlinks.

SEMrush has a large domain database as compared to Ahrefs i.e. 729 million domain. It will furnish edge with respect to backlink database size.This comprises of 165 million domains.
SEMrush furnishes valuable data related to backlinks that navigate to the domain. The breakdown comprises of certain aspects, they are:
● Linking domain types
● Anchor text used
● Ample of do-follow vs no-follow links
● Lost vs. New domains
SEMrush furnishes a series of stats and information within easy to understand and attractive graphs that provide an enhanced choice for tools as well as reports. Within SEMrush individuals can have building and auditing features that are not there in Ahrefs.
Ahrefs renders expensive data related to back-links for navigation to the domain. Breakdown involves:
● Linkage of domain types
● Anchor domain usage
● New vs. Lost domains
● Origin of back-links

Implication: You can use Ahrefs for carrying out analysis but SEMrush beats this within three major aspects related to backlink, they include backlink reports and tools, backlink auditing, and building & backlink database size. This leads SEMrush to be one of the most preferable tools.

On the basis of Free Trials:

Ahrefs does not provide free trials but SEMrush furnishes free version. Thus, SEMrush is a significant option in comparison to Ahrefs as you can test the tool tested before using it.

With reference to Pricing Plan

Starting price: Free
$99.95 for each month
$199.95 per month
$399.95 for each month
Custom Plans:
Enterprise Solution
: Available
Trial:$7 for 7 days (Advanced or standard only)
$99 per month
$179 each month
: $999 for every month

Implication: When individuals make use of the SEMrush tool for a year then they get a 16% discount. In addition to this, the tool provides free trial but Ahrefs provides trial for two months after paying upfront. But as such, there is no free trial and it entirely depends on needs as well as budget of the business.

On the basis of Support

SEMrush has a slight edge within this category that is liable for offering three distinct support channels; they involve phone, email, and chat.

Ahrefs do not provide any kind of telephonic support but their options are more visible. By clicking on the icon present at the right corner, which is like a question mark, and connects with the support team.

Implication: It is obvious that Semrush provides more options as compared to Ahrefs. This implies that there is adequate customer support from their side.

Comparison between SemRush and Moz

Unique Features: Like Ahref, Moz has its own distinct features to give good competition to SemRush.

Site Audit-SemRush is perhaps one of the best tools to provide your site with an auditing feature. It keeps a constant check on your website and also delivers a ‘healthy percentage’ of your site through email.Open site Explorer- This is a free tool offered by Moz to test your link profile.
Position Tracking- SemRush also allows you to choose 100 keywords from a myriad of the same. So, you can check where your website lies among your contenders.Keyword Explorer- Does the right survey your website needs and helps you find the most accurate ones.
Backlink Audit- Offers a website owner a check on his website. Alongside, it also covers a check on his competitor’s websiteMozBar- Page Authority(PA) and Domain Authority(DA) are two important metrics to measure the crispness of your website. MozBar is a Google extension that helps you measure the same.

On the Basis of Integration

A major factor while choosing the best SEO tool may be the number of web portals they are integrated with.

Crunchbase: Crunchbase mainly deals with analyzing traffic. Be it your potential partner’s website or your contender’s portal, SemRush integrates with Crunchbase to provide a detailed traffic analysis.Hubspot Marketing Grader: Moz integrates with Hubspot Marketing Grader and brings to you advice from veterans.
DashThis: It is perhaps the best among digital marketing reporting tools. SemRush associates with it too.Klipfolio: Works with dashboards and widgets and gives your website a premium look
TapClicks: A world-class marketing dashboard that opens you to a plenitude of data from Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.SeoQuake: Another Chrome extension that helps you resurface SEO metrics.

On the Basis of Price

Being economical is a prime factor in today’s competitive world.

Starting price: FreeStarting price: Free
Pro: $99.95/monthStandard: $99/month
Guru: $199.95/monthMedium: $149/month

Conclusion: Why is SEMrush one of the best SEO tools?

The above section implies certain features of both SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz. On the basis of certain aspects, you can choose the best one.

They have keyword research, technical SEO, competitor research, pricing plans, backlinks, support, and SEO audit features.

With respect to keyword research, Moz, Ahrefs, and SEMrush are similar with respect to what offered they offer. These are not found in other SEO tools like they provide suggestions, auditing domain is better and many more are there.

In comparison to the Ahrefs auditing tool, the SEMrush tool provides easy usage as well as an automatic list. The list is not the same in Ahrefs (the manual process is thereby going through audit reports).

The competitive analysis tool provided by SEMrush provides enhanced insight into their competitors. Three channels are there through which they provide support to individuals.

The best part is that there is a free trial period. This implies people can verify all the aspects and identify whether these tools serve their requirements. Basically, SEMrush is a customer-friendly SEO tool. As per the analysis, it is evident that SEMrush performs better as compared to Ahrefs & Moz.

Therefore after above detailed analysis any one can say SEMrush is one of the best SEO Tools.

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