About Sujit Kumar

Hey There! Sujit Kumar here, a blogger, SEO Analyst, & SEO Trainer from Khagaria, Bihar, India. I am pleased to see this you are reading about me. Its almost ten years now, I am in the Digital Marketing Industry. I accidentally become a Blogger & Digital Marketer.

sujit kumar

Let me tell you about my Story.

In 2010 after passing out from my college, I started working with the Angel Broking in Cochin, Kerala.

At that time I was getting a salary of 9500/-. I was searching for Extra income. One of my Junior from my college, Mr. Atul Kumar, explained to me about blogging, which was a turning point in my life.

My First Blog

In February 2011, I started my Blog, ShareGyaan. As I worked in the Share Trading Industry, my blog Niche was on online share trading and Stock Brokers.

It was my part-time work. Even After office, I was working 5-6 hours daily on my Blog. Initially, there was almost no traffic to my Blog. Therefore, I started searching for how to get traffic on my Blog, and I knew about SEO.

Hence I started searching for more information about SEO. Whatever information I was getting, I was applying on my Blog. After a few months, I started getting traffic on my Blog. It was near 500-600 visitors per day after two-three months.

In those days, Google Adsense was a mostly used way to monetize a blog. After a few months, I got my Adsense account approved. I was thrilled because the monetization of my Blog had started.

I Stopped Blogging!

Without receiving any payment from Google, they have banned my Blog because of invalid activity. To date, I don’t know what was that invalid activity as Google never gives information about this. Because there was no source of earning there, therefore, I stopped blogging.

I Started Working as an SEO Executive

From blogging, I have not earned a Single Rupee, but it has given me new skills. In December 2011, I resigned from Angel Broking.

In January 2012, I moved to New Delhi, where I was looking for a new job at Naukri.com. I come to know about one opening for SEO Executive At Rai Foundation (an NGO). Where I got selected after an interview, and I joined as an SEO Executive there.

I started working as an Internet Marketer (Digital Marketer)

In 2015, I got a call from an Interior Designing company to work as an Internet Marketer. They asked me can you help us to get new projects for our organization on the Internet. I got interested, and I said to them, Yes, I can help.

I worked for them for the next five years. In these five years, I have learned and many skills in Digital Marketing. I have searched for many projects for that organization where I was working. In two years, company turnover jumped from 1 crore to 5 Crore.

I again Started Blogging!

As I explained to you before, due to no earning from my Blog, I Stopped blogging in 2012. But my Blog was still live as I was renewing my domain name and hosting.

Because of Infolinks and Media.net’s ads, I was getting $100 – $500 per year from those ads. It was enough for renewing my Domain name and Hosting for my Blog and another website.

In 2015 I received many calls from Stock Brokers like Angel Broking Upstox, Zerodha for paid advertisement on my Blog.

Which forced me to blog again for my first Blog ShareGyaan and I am still a part-time blogger.

As a part-time blogger, I earn enough from blogging, which is sufficient for my expense & loan EMI.

I also work as an Online SEO & Digital Marketing Trainer?

Hey friends! Thanks for reading my Story, all of you know that we are all sitting at home and spending maximum time on social media due to the coronavirus epidemic.

These days I have seen so many ads of digital marketers and SEO experts who are selling their E-Books and Video courses. I have also attended many webinars. The conclusion of all webinars is video courses or E-Book.

But as per my personal experience, it is not easy to learn SEO and Digital marketing by just reading an E-Book or watching hours of videos.

To learn this quickly and easily, you need a live Trainer who has the experience and can show real-time results to clarify your doubt.

As a result of this, I founded the SEO Blueprint, an Online Training Class for beginners who want to learn Digital Marketing and SEO.

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